The State of the Texas Upstream Oil & Gas Economy

Texas Petro Index

Karr Ingham, Petroleum Economist
For the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

Presented on February 19, 2019  |  Austin, Texas


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Texas Petro Index by Karr Ingham, Petroleum Economist

For Immediate Release

Texas’ Strong Oil and Gas Recovery Interrupted at Year-End 2018

The Texas Petro Index (TPI) declined in November and December 2018 on the heels of 23 straight months of growth, in response to dramatic declines in crude oil prices in the last two months of the year.  Posted prices (the benchmark price paid to producers) for West Texas Intermediate crude oil declined from a monthly average of over $67/barrel in October 2018 to $45.31/barrel in December.  Daily posted prices fell from a high of $71.75 on October 1 to a low of $39.25 on December 24. 

However, Karr Ingham, Petroleum Economist for the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers and creator of the Texas Petro Index, said the recent decline in the TPI may not mean the end of the current cycle of growth and expansion in the Texas upstream oil and gas economy. 

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Texas Alliance has also announced the new Permian Basin Petro Index.

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